The Patent

To deliver, sell and produce an idea

A patent is the way in which research becomes product. This is the daily challenge of HTE’s researchers team: transforming a scientific result in technology. In a laboratory, an intellectual good is converted into something that can be saw and touched, everyday people confront issues created by the innovation process.A patent is an intellectual good with a triple personality, which can be tailored to any client and marketable in three different ways: this is the first taste of HTE’s multi-disciplinary nature.

1. We are a technological centre delivering scientific advice

According to their needs, private and institutional clients submit to HTE an idea which is studied, designed, developed and patented on commission. How to satisfy every demand? How to optimize the profound internal know-how? HTE’s professional services always have research structures already prepared for its customers. That is because of its work method, based on the continuous and updated study of the main scientific subjects. The work tools are intuitions, team work, ideas and projects developed in HTE’s facilities to solve technical/industrial problems related to the production processes’ efficiency.

2. We are an R&D laboratory that sells licenses

Philosophy of innovation is found every day in the brain of those who solve complex problems, because science is a serious entertainment: HTE’s team plays with theory to help those who confront serious problems. Internally studying and identifying in complete autonomy multiple issues that are both scientific and technological, after using its pre-made research structure as the basis of its work method, HTE can either transfer to its customers the produced patents or license their use. This certified R&D service is optimized for private and industrial co-owners, granting quick and inexpensive results for the progress of new technologies.

3. We are a start-up incubator that produces companies

HTE produces companies to industrialize and commercialize its own patents and technologies that are realized with internal research projects. Each hi-tech start up follows a tailored business model which grants the commercialization and the return of investment. Every start-up goes to market within 18 months and has a break even point between 3 and 5 years. This is HTE’s core strategy. Furthermore, every start-up is supported by technical expertise, specific tools and a wide network of international and national investors.