Wireless Power Transmission

To date, the transmission of electrical energy (also for proximal sources) is realized via electrical cables and sockets, uncomfortable and unsafe. The wireless transmission systems of electrical energy by means of inductive coupling are limited to low power applications, such as battery chargers for small household appliances; Furthermore the poor efficiency of transmission of the pulsed magnetic field, causes power loss and overheating of the emitting and receiving apparatus. The market requires efficient and cost-effective solutions to improve aesthetics and safety, eliminating as much as possible power cords, chargers, and electrical sockets.

HTE’s Solution

The new systems for the deep transmission (distance of the order of meters) are incompatible with the inductive coupling, while the more advanced apparatus use systems of environmental scanning (to avoid magnetic fields in the absence of users) that increase cost and fragility of the devices, without obtaining sufficient transmission efficiency for the marketing.

HTE has developed a wireless transmission system of the current to feed devices up to 300W of power, eliminating cables and sockets, transforming the surfaces in power sources thanks to an emitting device connected to the network, compact, inexpensive and robust. Ignition occurs only in the presence of proximal users, and only with a coupling efficiency of 90%.