Metal Powders

Nano e micro metric metallic powders

Against an increasing demand of nano and micro metric metallic powders in the last few years, HTE developed a technique of production through water and air, and implemented the electrolytic process to generate high purity powders. Market is going towards this demand of nano and micro powders with dimension below 40 microns (400 mesh) and with controlled diameter. In particular, the demand is focused on 1, 2 and 20 microns powders with very high purity. According to their composition and morphology (globular, amorphous, dendritic) nano and micro metric metallicpowders are used in a vary wide range of applications.

HTE’s Solution

At the state of the art are present nano and micro metric metallic powders produced through atomization and electrolysis, which don’t reach dimensions below 40-45 microns with an homogeneous grain size and therefore don’t respond to the market request. Furthermore, the current electrolytic production process can’t supply a product capable of covering the entire sintering powders demand.

HTE has developed an innovative electrolytic process which, altering the operating conditions, is capable of producing high purity micro-metric powders with a homogeneous grain size. Moreover, such process allows to apply the stabilizer during the production phase, avoiding the creation of the oxidized layer on the surface.