APE (Advanced Plyphenols Extraction)

APE’s mission is the production and commercialization of vegetal polyphenols, extracted from italian agricolture’s products such as olives, grapes, artichokes, kiwi, citrus and wild berries, valorizing their respective subproducts and waste coming from their transformation industries.

The basic innovations are multiple: first of all there is the will of exploiting an innovative industrial process, able to realize the polyphenols’ extraction from natural products. At the same time, we are also able to commercialize the entire process’s waste, which is pelletizable and re-salable on the market. All the process will be environmentally friendly.

Pomace’s processing, in particular, is able to produce an oily compound, rich in polyphenols. Two of these are the main products, Tyrosol and Oleuropein. With a second processing, a 98% pure polyphenolic compound can be obtained, in powder, which is very valuable on the market. A primary aspect, compared to the competition, is that this process is totally natural, while the current polyphenol’s market is composed by synthetically processed polyphenols.

At the end of these two processes, the residual material can be pelletized and utilized as combustible biomass.

The extraction technique is based upon a development of the solvation with supercritical CO2 technique. The plant is composed by:

  1. An extraction plant with supercritic CO2;
  2. A secondary refinement plant for distillation of the single polyphenols, able to raise their purity above 98%;
  3. A packing plant;
  4. An analysis and quality control laboratory.