About Us

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HTE is a young company, with a smart product. Born in 2010 from an idea of a physicist and an engineer, Stefano Cavalli and Marco Trevisan decided to answer in a simple way to some complex market request: realizing the technology transfer, transforming research and development in applied industrial technology and translating theoretical results in prototypes useful to businesses HTE is a specialized and multi-disciplinary researchers team. It has a collaborative network which amplifies the standard availability of a unique laboratory and supply to clients the best instruments and scientific sources.

HTE translate s scientific data in te chnological hardware
Scientific research and the resulting patents are commercialized with an industrial approach. HTE is a private company which evolves with the market, combining the most advanced business models in the technology development field. HTE is a centre able to serve tailored scientific advice, an R&D laboratory which sells licences and also a start-up incubator producing companies you can invest in for the future. This is HTE’s method, to solve problems for clients and partners with a practical system, based on evidence. The Priority? Quick response time and clear budgets.


The Founders

Stefano Cavalli
“The culture of risk materializes working with enthusiasm and competence”

Marco Trevisan
HTE’s President
“Science is a business , we sell the added value of innovation”