APE (Advanced Plyphenols Extraction)

APE's mission is the production and commercialization of vegetal polyphenols, extracted from italian agricolture's products such as olives, grapes, artichokes, kiwi, citrus and wild berries, valorizing their respective subproducts and waste coming from their transformation industries.

About Us

Download HTE’s Brochure in PDF HTE is a young company, with a smart product. Born in 2010 from an idea of a physicist and an engineer, Stefano Cavalli and Marco Trevisan decided to answer in a simple way to some complex market request: realizing the technology transfer, transforming research and development in...


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The Patent

To deliver, sell and produce an idea A patent is the way in which research becomes product. This is the daily challenge of HTE’s researchers team: transforming a scientific result in technology. In a laboratory, an intellectual good is converted into something that can be saw and touched, everyday people...

Our Start-Ups

HTE’s work is to solve problems, find out solutions and produce start-ups. It realizes, in laboratory, research projects and industrial prototypes, using tailored and known technologies suited for every customer demand. HTE’s team expertise in physics and engineering, electrochemistry and chemistry, algorithms and applied mathematics, electronic and thermodynamics, information technologies...

GNRG’s Heat Exchangers

GNRG’s Heat Exchangers are underground heatsinks based on a particular geometry (patent pending, 102015000082522 of 12.11.2015).

Risk Management

HTE has developed a standard system to calculate the VaR: Time Integral Algorithm is a financial tool for managing and determine the risk. This algorithm is capable of extracting the mathematical model found in real situations. It overcomes the individual setting, improving the traditional product and it is usable by every user of the previous technologies.


HTE has developed a mathematical model based upon the quantum interpretation of the financial mechanic, formalizing an equivalent of the Heisenberg’s principle related to the currency exchange.

Big Data

In Big Data field, HTE is developing a new series of algorithms capable to determine deductively the laws of autocorrelation of the information, without subjecting the analysis to an abstract distributive model, but instead interpreting the information where they are found: in data.

Plasma Torch

HTE has developed the Plasma Torch, type hot and cold, for the production of syngas from the synthesis of biomass to be used in co-generators, steam turbine plants, for the production of bio-hydrogen and bio-methane.