Who are we?

We are pluri-specialized technology interpreters
HTE is a young company, with a smart product. Born in 2010 from an idea of a physicist and an engineer, Stefano Cavalli and Marco Trevisan decided to join business and innovation in a whole new formula: translate scientific data in technological hardware. This is HTE’s path, from theory to technology.

What do we do?

We translate from research to business
We answer in a simple manner to a complex market request, these are our daily challenges: realizing the technology transfer, transforming research and development in applied industrial technology and translating theoretical results in prototypes useful to businesses.

What do we offer?

Industrial scale project development, prototypes and start-ups
Our specialized and multi-disciplinary researchers team has created a collaborative network which amplifies the standard availability of a unique laboratory and supply to the clients the best instruments and scientific sources.

electro chemistry

water treatment, organic and inorganic synthesis, fuel cells...

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thermo electro chemistry

biomasses energetic development, air depuration treatments, wastewater treatment, leachate and sewage sludge, MSW treatment...

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nonlinear electronics, wireless power transmission, thermodynamics, physics of high temperatures, supercritical systems, cryogenics...

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applied mathematics

algorithms, autocorrelations algorithms, big data, assessment and risk management, robotrader, advanced marketing analysis...

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Applied Mathematics

the research goes on..

Our strenght is in science

HTE has gained expertise in engineering and physics, electrochemistry and industrial chemistry, applied mathematics and algorithms, electronics and thermodynamics, information technology and industrial automation. In four years , has produced six start up in two continents. To solve problems and find solutions, using known or tailored technologies, realizing in laboratory research projects and pre-industrial and industrial prototypes, thanks to the collaboration with leading national and international research centers.

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